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Beef - Lamb - Pork - Poultry
We like to provide a service that helps make your life easier, we are happy to talk through your requirements with you and prepare your meat for your special occasions such as dinner parties, family occasions and barbeques. If you have a special requirement you can contact us to discuss your needs.


PJ Pollard & Son offers the finest choices of beef for all of your needs. Pollards offers 28 day hung steaks, joints for your Sunday roast that have also been hung for four weeks to improve flavour or more unusual cuts for special occasions or for classic dishes such as stews and casseroles. If you are not sure what to order Tim will guide you through the choices.



We offer you legs and half legs on or off the bone as well as shoulders and shanks for roasting.  We provide you with freshly cut loin chops, chump chops and best end chops.  We also provide you with trimmed racks of lamb ready for a dinner party with notice.  If you want something for slower cooking and a winter warmer we will cut you neck fillets or stewing lamb. We can also provide you with minced lamb and lamb burgers to order.



We offer you a choice of good quality locally sourced pork, our pork is English & is delivered fresh weekly. We offer legs of pork on or off the bone, shoulder, whole neck and belly of pork for roasting.
In addition we have tender pork loin available as well as ribs, chops & Steaks. If you require minced pork we can manage your expectations to order. Don't forget to look at our Sausage section!



All of our poultry is English from Suffolk and Norfolk delivered fresh twice a week. 
We provide whole chickens, corn fed chickens, chicken breasts, legs, thighs and drumsticks. We sell Chicken Kievs, Chicken Goujons and if you want to make your own pate we sell Chicken Livers.
In addition we also sell Gressingham ducks, duck breasts & legs.
At Christmas we sell locally sourced turkeys from Hockliffe and can provide you with Capon and Goose as well.

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